A few important items and points of clarity:

  • End of Year Party: Please join us next Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at Alta Canyon Recreation Center.  Between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. we will be having a BBQ that will also include the Player of the Year recognition. In addition, Tayson Wilson from Legacy Gloves will be at the party to help the POY’s build their new glove immediately and get it ordered.  Between 8:00 and 10:00 we have rented the Alta Canyon Pool for some more fun. At 10:00 p.m., we will head over to the Dog Pound for some snacks and a movie projected on our new 16 foot batters eye in Center Field.  Bring pillows, blankets, etc.  This should be a fun evening.
  • End of Year Survey: All of you have received a survey in your inbox (if not check your junk mail folder). Please take the time to fill this out. It takes less than 10 minutes and helps the Board of Directors guide Club Hardball to improve as a program.
  • Multi-Sport Participation: I fully support multi-sport participation. Players develop different muscle groups, complimentary skills, and new friends and teammates. The CHBB policy indicates; at a specified date in the Spring, Club Hardball practices will become “mandatory” to enable each team to form and practice together in preparation for the season. If a player is still not able to participate after the “mandatory” date, the Head Coach has discretion around playing time until the player is able to participate fully. Let me be very clear. A player who is a multi-sport athlete will never be dismissed from Club Hardball because they are playing other sports. That said, Spring Season playing time can and will be impacted based upon their attendance at 1): CHBB Practices 2): CHBB Events, and 3): CHBB Games.
  • Team Tryouts: As I spoke to in our 2017 Kickoff Meeting in November, each team will hold annual tryouts. This is a decision I feel very strongly about and is a policy each team will adhere to. Playing for Club Hardball is a privilege and playing Super League is a commitment.  We will always select players and parents who we feel fit our Mission Statement. That being said, every player and parent must “earn their way.”  As you’ve heard me talk about before, I believe our society has a huge issue around “feelings of entitlement” and the “player participation trophy” dilemma that is everywhere.  I do not subscribe or support either of those items and annual tryouts are one way to ensure our players know they must consistently “earn their way”… it’s part of life.
    • Fall Baseball: Fall Baseball is designed to drive fundamentals and discipline. Most leagues do not keep score and rosters are very fluid. We always want to have a Fall Baseball team for each age group if the number of players allows. In some instances, we may merge two of our teams if there aren’t enough players to support that age group. If the merging of two teams is not possible, there will be a Fall Baseball tryout. As well, if a team is lacking players for Spring, they may use Fall Baseball tryouts and actual games to decide on a player(s) being offered to join Club Hardball.
    • Spring Baseball: We will have a new 8u Spring Baseball Team. A new Head Coach has been found and named. Our current 12u team (next year’s 13u Spring Baseball Team) will be “reset” in 2018. We will be looking to keep the majority of the roster in place, however, will be looking for a new coaching staff to work with this great group of young men. For both our new 8u team and next year’s 13u team, if you have any players or coaches that you would recommend, please share them with me or have them contact me directly. We will be scheduling tryouts quickly for these two teams.

If any questions, don’t hesitate to text or call me directly.

~ Coach Brad